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FAA Certified Repair Station RDMR624X
A Christ-Centered Company

Aerodine Composites Group

Indy’s Premier Composite Manufacturer is proud to bring OEM quality repairs and alterations to the Midwest and beyond.

Aerodine Composites Group, LLC offers expertise in the design,  manufacture, and application of high performance, light weight composite structures.  We are the premier supplier of structural assemblies, research and development, parts, ancillary support components, and structural repair schemes to the motorsport, aerospace, defense and medical fields. We are an established FAA approved repair station with a limited airframe rating specializing in the maintenance, repair, overhaul and modification of both bonded and advanced composite components.  We take pride in exploiting our extensive background experience,  including full engineering support, to provide our customers with  advanced, cost effective structural solutions.

Operating with over 25 years of experience, we are absolutely committed to meeting and exceeding all of our customers  expectations in terms of quality and performance of the products and services we provide.

Our facility works as a seamless extension of our customers internal  departments. As a customer-driven organization, we are dedicated to quality assurance, while providing a broad range of materials and  processes that will give you the best product at the greatest value.

We are looking forward to becoming an approved vendor for your  company and performing maintenance related functions on your behalf.

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